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Raised By Wolves is a lifestyle blog about everyday life, raising humans, eating veg + awesome recipes, rad DIY projects, and how to travel on a budget + good-to-know tips, destination ideas, and helpful hacks on adventuring with your kiddos!

Getting to Know Me:

I grew up in the mountains of Northern California and was absolutely raised by wolves. While my parents were definitely not awesome, they did try their best, and I’ve since learned to take their mistakes as life lessons on how to do things differently. I’ve grown to be a more responsible version of them, yes, but I’ve never lost the wild that is inherently part of me, a part of us all; the yearning to seek out adventure, the need to be among the trees, the craving of earthy foods, the urge to howl at the moon.

I am mother wolf to two incredible humans– Gwendolyn is 7, and Rohan is 6 [no, he was not named after Lord of the Rings]. In addition to my kiddos, I’ve also acquired one adult sized human as well, my partner, Ryan, and his two incredibly selfish cats, Thomas and Sawyer. Somewhere along the way I’ve earned two writing degrees, including an MFA in creative writing, and am currently a content strategist in Southern Florida.


I consider myself to be someone who lives against the grain of societal norms; a liberal, a vegetarian, an adventurer, a wordsmith. I am a huge admirer of simplicity, creativity, words that evoke emotion, and humans that bring the realness. I believe in continuously working to better yourself and that emotional and intellectual growth is a constant.

I work hard to raise my children to always be kind to others, to be held accountable and good to the environment, to be humble and honest, open minded and non-judgemental, and [something I think we can all can work toward] to appreciate all that they have– which is plentiful.

I’m not afraid to speak the truth and you’ll find a lot of that here, but the only truth I know is my truth, my experiences and hardships and failures and successes. I am a person who has forged my own way in the world and has come to understand that parenting – that life as a whole – is all trial and error. There is no guide or expert advice or easy way through it, the recipe is this: you try a thing, and if that thing doesn’t work out, you try another thing.

I wanted to start this blog for a number of reasons, but for the sake of brevity, here are the top three:

  1. There aren’t many lifestyle/parenting blogs that reach audiences that aren’t necessarily the masses
  2. I’ve yet to find many blogs that speak openly about families that have undergone divorce and are learning to navigate the unknowns of how to transition children in a healthy way, how to be good co-parents with your ex, and the integration of step-parents
  3. I’m a writer who writes all day everyday for other people and began falling out of touch with my own creativity, which if you’re a writer, is like cutting off your oxygen supply – so now there’s this!

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Contact me directly with questions, comments, and the like at: jessyka[at]raisedbywolves[dot]me

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