Baller Gifts under $30 Bucks that Don’t Suck

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a recognized national holiday, or some other occasion worthy of a gift, don’t waste your money on some lame last minute present that they really don’t want, will never use, and will be forced to politely fake smile at and thank you for. C’mon, you’re better than that!

The key is to pick something that suits their personality– something that isn’t too cheesy or over the top, while also not being too practical, like buying your partner a vacuum cleaner because the old one broke. Nobody appreciates that.

Luckily, I’ve complied a list baller gifts that they’ll actually want that won’t break the bank. I should mention, too, that all these gifts are intended for adult humans.

This list of gift options will totally work great for your partner, your BFF, your parentals, or even your favorite co-worker. And in an effort to x out any potential gifts that suck, my list includes gift ideas that I considered to be of a thoughtful nature.

You’re welcome.


For the Ultimate Music Buff

Sign them up for a record club. Yeah, you heard me right, a record club! This website custom picks one to three records per month [depending on your membership] based on your musical interests, and delivers them to your door. For keeps! It’s called VNYL, and it’s baller. The basic membership includes one record per month for just $22.00. Each month you pick a musical vibe– what a cool way to discover new jams.


For the Function over Frills Type

DSC2Seriously, Dollar Shave Club is pretty rad! With memberships ranging from only $1- $9 per month it’s also just downright practical! Not to mention that their selection of Dr. Carver’s shaving products, like the butter, lather, and post shave are super reasonably priced and smell really wonderful.

bagPair the razor membership with a personalized toiletry bag like this one from Etsy [$16.50] and you’ve got yourself a super dope functional gift for under $30!

And in case you’re wondering, yes the razors from Dollar Shave Club include packages and memberships for her as well. Matching his and hers razor club memberships? Yes!


For the Breaky Lovers + Coffee Addicts

that's what

The “That’s What” – She  Mug [$8.99] will start the morning off with a little humor + the Holy Toast Miracle Bread Stamper  [$19.99] I mean, come on, you really can’t go wrong here!


Pair these gifts with a bag of locally roasted coffee beans from their favorite coffeehouse and you’ve got a breaky in a bag gift! Aw yeah!


For the Craft Beer Connoisseur


For the guys and gals in your life who have a true love for craft beer, why not have them take a go at making some IPA of their own? For $29 this cute little kit from Brooklyn BrewShop has everything you need to hand craft your very own custom brew– bottoms up!


For the People that Can’t Even

people today

The I Can’t People Today – Relaxed Teeshirt  is just one of many teeshirts available by Thread Tank with tons of color options and sizes to choose from!

Other catchy and relevant life phrases include: People Disappoint-Pizza is Forever, I like Naps, No Coffee, No Workee, I Saw that Coming-Karma, Wifey, and I Can’t Adult Today.

Your pick of the litter for $25 a pop will ensure that your bestie, your honey, or that even you yourself is always prepared with an appropriately phrased teeshirt that signals to the people around them that maybe you stayed out a little too late last night, that maybe this person is hangry and they should steer clear. Because, some days you just can’t even.


For the Hipsters in your Life

air plants


Right now, for whatever reason, air plants are all the rage– they’re super low maintenance to care for and as far as home decor goes, these little glass terrariums are just so flippin’ cool looking [especially perfect for those green pals that somehow manage to kill all their plants].

This Air Plant Terrarium from Hinterland Trading comes with everything shown for 29 bucks! This would make the perfect housewarming gift, would look great on a co-worker’s desk, and would also be a nice Mother’s Day present.


For the Romantics

wine basketThe Ultimate Picnic Backpack by Generation is definitely one that will go over big with the ladies. After all, ladies love wine and they love picnics, so for $29 this is basically a twofer that will earn you major points in the awesome date column. Of course, it’ll be an even better gift if you give it to the recipient fully stocked with a sweet picnic spot all planned out. Holy romantic! Comes with plastic wine glasses, bottle opener, napkins, and all the plates and flatware needed; just add wine and snacks!

Gift giving is the best feeling, especially when it’s something you know they’ll totally dig. So cheers to legit smiles upon present opening and making someone’s day a little more awesome!

Come and check back soon for the ultimate kiddo gift guide!

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