Taco Tuesday! 12 Minute Deliciousness – Vegetarian Style!

New to eating veg or using meat substitutes? Perhaps you’re even trying out the trendy Meatless Monday [or in this case, Tuesday] in your household? Regardless of your reasons, don’t leave Taco Tuesday off the menu! This recipe is amaze and will have dinner on the table in 12 minutes flat! Also, aside from the yum factor, my version is way healthier and includes far less fat [all the kinds of fat], calories, and cholesterol than tacos made with lean ground beef.

I prefer buying produce at Trader Joe’s because it’s the freshest and cheapest option for organics. If I’m there buying ingredients for my tacos, I’ll pick up a pack of their Beef-less Grounds. However, I’ve become a little spoiled by discovering some really awesome meat substitutes, so I feel like I should mention that the Trader Joe’s version of the meatless ground beef – while decently delicious – is not my absolute fave.

For more on my favorite options for meatless “meats” click here.

This meal is so quick and easy, it’ll blow your mind. What you’ll need for this recipe is the same as any other taco ingredient buying excursion, but this is my “go to” list. Feel free to modify with your preferences, this is just what I’ve included in my photos.

IMG_2064Buy it:

Meatless Ground Beef

Taco Shells + Seasoning

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Lettuce of choice (I prefer using Spinach, because Iron!)

Grape Tomatoes


Toppings: sour cream, hot sauce, jalapeños, etc.


  • Make it: 
  1. Slice and dice all the toppings. In this case, the tomatoes, spinach, and avocado
  2. Use non-stick cooking spray and coat the bottom of a frying pan
  3. Warm up the meatless ground in your prepared pan as directed on the package (5-7 minutes)
  4. Add taco seasoning to meat mixture
  5. Load up your shells with meat, shredded cheese, and your favorite toppings
  6. Chow down!

Total Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Cook Time: 7 minutes


Ok, so here’s where I get really annoying with the vegetarian versus real meat options.

First off, there’s cost: on average, Lean Ground Beef costs $3.88 per pound while the Trader Joes Beef-less Ground goes for $2.99.

*Please note that the following nutrition facts are based on a 4 portion serving size, and of course I didn’t include everything in my list. You’re welcome to [and I encourage it] take a closer look at the pictures below to compare and contrast.


Calories: Trader Joe’s – 60

Total Fat: Trader Joe’s – 1 g

Saturated Fat: Trader Joe’s – 0 g [note that the TJs version doesn’t include ANY of the additional fats]

Cholesterol: Trader Joe’s – 0 mg

Protein: Trader Joe’s – 9 g


Calories: Lean Ground Beef – 188

Total Fat: Lean Ground Beef – 17 g

Saturated Fat: Lean Ground Beef – 6.5 g + an additional boost of Trans Fat (1 g), Polyunsaturated Fat and Monosaturated Fat (7.5 g)! Yuuuum!

Cholesterol- Lean Ground Beef – 45 mg

Protein- Lean Ground Beef – 8 g

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